Welcome to an new Weald Place Farm

bee on vetch

We have been hard at work to change nearly everything about Weald Place over the last 18 months and it does not stop at just a new website. Oh no… Our honey house has had a complete refit, we have invested in well over 200 new hives and our bee stocks have never been more healthy. It has been very hard work with William fighting illness, and family problems but we are flying high now.

William got married in 2013 to Abigail who has helped really bring the company around by supporting his crazy plans and helping to promote the various projects we are involved in.

The new website will be updated more regularly than the last and will feature a blog of what the team are up to some new beekeeping ideas and some very old ones to. The team in 2014 has grown not just through William getting married but we have employed Paul a keen beekeeper from Sybera and soon we will have a regular person running the stall at Borough Market.

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