Pigeon Breast with Sticky Honey & Apple Balsamic Glaze

Pigeon Breast with Sticky Honey and Apple Balsamic Glaze

Here is a quickie for you and one of my absolute favorites. I think this dish is a large part of the reason my wife said “yes” when I asked her to marry me later in the evening the first time I cooked this for her.


Pigeon breasts (2 per person for a starter, or 3 for a light main)
1/2 glass of red wine
75ml Apple Balsamic Vinegar
A teaspoon of honey for each breast you’re cooking
1 bag of salad
Salt and pepper to season
Rapeseed oil

Take the breasts off your pigeons, or you can now often find just the breasts sold at your local butcher’s.

Heat up your frying pan, good and hot, as if you were cooking steak. Add just a little rapeseed oil and use the first breast to smear the oil around the pan. Then add the remaining breasts. I always place them in the pan in a clockwise direction, so I know where I started, then when, I turn the breasts over later, they all cook evenly.

While they are sizzling away, season with a little salt and cracked black pepper. After around 3 minutes, turn the breasts over.

After one minute on the second side, pour the balsamic vinegar over the breasts, and drizzle one teaspoon of honey over each breast. Lastly, add the red wine, and leave bubbling away until the second side has had its 3 minutes.

Take the breasts from the pan and put to one side to rest for a few minutes, while the sauce reduces, still bubbling in the pan over heat. Arrange a little salad on each plate. Cut the breasts in half and place on the salad, pour the reduced juices over the breasts and serve.

This recipe will never fail to impress. The times I have given you are for quite rare pigeon, but you can increase by a minute or so per side to taste (but never more than 5 minutes or the pigeon will be tough).

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