At Weald Place Farm Bees we produce a great deal of honey – thousands of jars. We also supply some of what I like to think are the best bees available. Our bees are mostly AMM but we also have stocks of Italian and Carnica strains.

“I love William’s bees. They do exactly what they should do. They are easy to handle, build up well after winter, and produce plenty of honey. What more could you ask?” – Allison Jacobs

The core of the business is producing bees, but honey production is also incredibly important to us. Thia year we are running around 150 honey production hives, producing more than 3 tonnes of honey. We plan to produce around 300+ nucs, and breed a good few queens as well. I do import some bees, but always tell customers let customers know exactly where their bees come from. I also supply a copy of an official health certificate with all imported bees.

We supply bees to lots of independent and commercial beekeepers and retailers every year across the country and we will be happy to recommend a distributor near you if it’s not convenient for you to reach us. Delivery can be arranged on request.