borage hives



One of our most important services is pollination. We travel all over Essex, with our bees pollinating crops for farmers –¬† from the obvious apples and fruit to the less-obvious rape seed, borage clover and other crops. Where possible, we set up permanent sites on farms so we do not have to move our bees regularly. The service is chargeable to farmers. This can have huge a benefit to crop yields. Please contact us if you are a farmer and interested in having some bees on your land.

Swarm Collection

In the summer, honey bees will get to a point when they want to reproduce and they will do this by swarming. This is a natural behavior and is part of a beekeeper’s job – to suppress this urge until it suits us or to collect and stray swarms.¬†Swarms can be intimidating to onlookers but are actually quite docile. In fact they are at their easiest to handle at this time in their life cycle. However there are many thousands of wild colonies of bees in this country that are not managed and will often produce swarms. Should you find one in the Essex area, we would love to come and collect it from you. If we cannot help, we can always recommend someone who can.